As I’m writing this we are flying back from vacation in first class (although it won’t be posted from here at the rate they charge for air connections). Before you start thinking that I’m lying about being a teacher or that I’ve been borrowing the office credit card, I should tell you that this trip is courtesy of frequent flyer points. And most of those came from credit card "miles".

This is only the third time in my life that I’ve flown first class and the previous two were the result of the airline gods sending an angel to bump us up to the expensive seats. But this trip has convinced me that there really is a difference between first and mmmoooooo class beyond the ridiculous higher prices. It’s not the roomy leather seats with lots of leg room, the food that is actually edible (approaching good) or the free drinks and head phones. The difference is the more civilized feeling that comes from not being packed in like cargo and receiving genuinely good service.

So, now the question is, would I pay real money to fly first class? No way! I’d rather put up with a few hours of torture and use the extra money for a better hotel room. But if you’re looking for volunteers to move into the forward cabin, I’m your guy.