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The Sounds of Nothing

I was in the car and happened to hear part of W’s press conference this morning. He didn’t answer any of the questions, of course, but that’s standard for most politicians. When the reporter finished (and sometimes before), W launched into standard campaign talking points, sometimes not even related to what he was asked. But the really interesting part was when he ran out of script. W is lousy at improvisation and sometimes there were long periods of silence between unrelated phrases.

On the other side of the podium, most of the reporters always seemed to be trying to stuff as many questions as possible in to their little chance at their target. But most of what they asked was also largely irrelevant. Another factor about listening to the conference on the radio is that you have no idea who’s asking the questions. On TV they usually tell you. But it really wasn’t hard to tell who worked for W’s mouthpieces (Fox "news", Washington Times) and who didn’t. They were the ones throwing the softball prompts for the standard talking points.

In the end, these things are basically a waste of time on both sides but they’re certainly more entertaining to hear than to see.

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  1. Joe Thomas

    Bush is very, very good about staying on message. I heard the same press conference. A reporter asked if Bush wanted to address the “lies” that Rice told before/during/afer the war. Bush responded by saying Condi was a great public servant. He talked about her for around 30 seconds, then…. nothing. When someone (the same reporter) again asked “about the lies?” Bush said “No” and moved to the next question.
    This is the dark ages of the presidency. Without an informed press, anything can happen. And is.

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