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The Usual Crap in HD

One local TV station just started broadcasting its news programs in high definition, and, of course, is running plenty of ads about this life-altering change. Why?

Maybe the few folks in the area with an HD receiver are seeing something I’m missing. However, on a plain old TV their news broadcasts look like the same old friendly-talk, tabloid, sensationalistic mess dressed up with a big new neon lit set and brighter clothes for the anchors. The money would have been better spent on some real reporters.


  1. fred

    Agree with you that the news is the news – who cares? But –
    have you seen a football game on HD? It’s incredible.

    My thinking was the same as yours until my neighbor had a few
    of us over last year to watch the Bucs lose. But, the HD
    picture was very crisp – it sold me.

    And no, I don’t work for the manufacturers…

  2. fred

    Oops – let’s at least get the website correct.

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