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There Must Be a Better Way

Here in the US it’s testing season, following weeks, often months of test prep in most schools. Diane Ravitch wants to know Are Test Scores the Point? and her answer gets it exactly right.

So, I am left with the view that we need a far better way to describe successful schools. Test scores alone are not the way. They may define a school where students spend every day engaged in test prep. They may describe a school producing complaint student-robots.

When we rely on standardized tests as the only, or even the most important, tool for assessing student learning, schools become test prep academies so administrators can avoid the dreaded “failure” label.


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  1. Abacus | UCMAS | Aloha

    So well said. Believe it or not the wisdom of teachers like you is beginning to be heard – and soon to be embraced. Linda Darling-Hammond always reminds me of the words of Langston Hughes in his description of our collective quest to build a better world: “Keep your hand on the plow. Hold on.”

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