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There’s a Reason Why Not Many Are Buying It

An experience this week with a national brick-and-mortar store reminded me of why many of these chains are in such bad financial shape. On Tuesday I went in to buy a DVD featured in their ad at an excellent price. When I couldn’t find the disk in the usual places, I asked one of the clerks. That’s when the crap started.

He checked the racks, then the computer and told me the item was sold out. This was despite the fact that this was the first day the title was available and there was no slot on the racks where it would have been.

Moving on to a supervisor, I was told that the the item wasn’t supposed to be in the ad since the DVD was scheduled to be released next week. A quick check of the web on one of their own computers showed how just how full of it that excuse was.

So it was on to the "customer service" desk to request a rain check. Sorry, they don’t do that anymore, accompanied by an attitude of "how dare you ask me something like that".

Ok, that’s enough. I learned my lesson. I did what I should have done in the first place. A few minutes in Google found the same item at a slightly higher price, with free shipping, without sales tax – and certainly without the lousy service. Sure it takes a little longer to get but that’s a small price to pay for not having to deal with poorly trained, totally indifferent clerks and tons of corporate indifference to the problem.

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  1. muse

    It seems like that sort of service is an international epidemic. No wonder, kids have problems with simple reading comprehension.

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