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Thinking Different In Very Small Steps

The overly large school district for which I work is trying to create a new vision for some of our schools.

Sandra Mosquera imagines a school in her Falls Church neighborhood where her three children could take music or art lessons in the evenings and her neighbors could go for job training. It would be open on weekends, and, on some days, it would double as a medical clinic.

The concept is a great idea – and way overdue. But don’t buy all the talk of this being a "new" school. This plan is all about the reinvisioning the use of the building. It has nothing to do with changing the teaching and learning happening inside. A big change there is also way overdue.

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  1. ag2828

    Here in NYC, Mayor Bloomberg loves to take overcrowded high
    schools and magically turn them into small schools. Here’s
    his recipe: Take one school building created for 1800 kids,
    currently housing 4200. Add five layers of administration.
    Give each a worthy sounding name, like NY Academy of Art, for
    example. Devote several additional classrooms for the
    additional administration, and add a few trailers in back.

    Then add a few hundred more kids and Voila! You have an
    overcrowded building containing five academies!

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