If you lived through any part of the four decades following World War II (most of the boomer generation), you have to remember that being called "soft on Communism" was a serious political charge, equivalent to declaring someone to be "aiding the terrorists" now. Which is what makes this story about the Walt Disney Company – possibly the most all-American of American corporations – all the more weird.

Late next year or early in 2006, Disney will be opening a new amusement park in Hong Kong. And, in what can only be classified in the category of high irony, they are teaming with the Chinese Communist Youth League to market the place to Chinese families, to "build awareness of its stories and characters". Walt must be spinning in his grave, but certainly not any faster than Ronald Reagan, that great destroyer of all things communist, who was the master of ceremonies at the opening of Walt’s first park, Disneyland, in 1955.