Being that I’m usually in a constant state of behind, Jay Mathews’ book Work Hard, Be Nice is still on my stack of stuff-to-be-read.

However, my colleague Jenny, who blogs at Elementary, My Dear, or Far From It, has finished reading it and offers some excellent thoughts on the book and about the KIPP organization, which is Mathews’ subject.

I don’t want to get rid of KIPP. I just want to know that we are looking at it closely, considering the positives and negatives, and moving forward from there. I’m bothered by the presentation of KIPP as THE answer. That’s how Mathews presents it here. The book is worth reading, but not unless one is willing to go beyond it to learn about KIPP.

That’s her conclusion but the whole post is worth a read.

And while you’re at it, add Jenny’s blog to your aggregator.