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Truth or Not? Part 2

A woman throws a soft drink at her boyfriend at a restaurant, then slips on the floor she wet and breaks her tailbone. She sues. Bingo — a jury says the restaurant owes her $100,000!

A woman tries to sneak through a restroom window at a nightclub to avoid paying the $3.50 cover charge. She falls, knocks out two front teeth, and sues. A jury awards her $12,000 for dental expenses.

Which one of these events actually happened? Considering the number of stupid law suits that have been inflicted in the US, you’d be forgiven if you said both (both are hoaxes). However, US News and World Report and several reputable newspapers cannot be forgiven for reporting them as news (via: Washington Post – free registration required). If these editors are not going to so some basic fact checking before they publish, the rest of us need to be very skeptical about anything they publish.


Truth or Not?


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