The Kansas State Board of Education is planning a revival. They’re going to put evolution on trial just as Tennessee did in 1925. Of course, they call it a hearing these days but it’s the same old steaming pile of crap dressed up in a new package. Once again, the folks pushing the totally unscientific "theory" called Intelligent Design are going to get a forum in which the media will give them equal stature with evolution.

We may as well just concede the science curriculum to the mystics and toss in a few other substitute theories. I want alchemy taught along side of chemistry since the Bible talks about all kinds of substances being transformed into something else. Astrology deserves equal footing with anything in the astronomy texts. And just toss out anything to do with Physics. That subject is so complicated anything you see must be magic.

We can also abandon hope of any kind of scientific leadership in the world with the sub-basement quality of science education these idiots in Kansas are pushing.