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Updating Mr. Orwell

I’m not paranoid… but does it seem as if the federal government these days is collecting a lot more information about people than they should? Congress now wants to set up a data file on every college student in the country, whether or not they receive financial assistance. Supporters say that the government needs the data in order to "judge the quality of colleges and universities" and make them more accountable.

Of course, federal officials also swear up and down that they would never let any information about individual students leak from the database. However, when you combine this databank with the one being amassed on students in Kindergarten through high school thanks to No Child Left Behind, it will be possible for Uncle Sam to track a person for almost the first quarter of their lives. Very handy when it comes time for military recruiters to find the 180,000 new volunteers they’ll need for all the wars of liberation over the next few years.

No, I’m not paranoid.


  1. hipteacher

    Well, if they really are doing this stuff

  2. hipteacher

    Sorry, my mind wandered with the possibilities. I meant, I’m not surprised.

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