In an update on the voucher plan that supporters were trying to move through the District of Columbia’s alternate city council/school board (aka Congress), it appears as if the plan is not going anywhere for a while. The bill was withdrawn by Republicans after it appeared they wouldn’t get enough Democratic votes to get around the threat of a filibuster. So who do you blame? "Obstructionism" by Democrats (but of course!). Too much other business (there’s something more important than meddling in local affairs?). An upcoming two week vacation (what happened to too much other business?).

This is not the end of the concept, however. Republicans are planning to roll this proposal into the federal budget bill making it harder to slice out without closing down the government. Although I’m not a supporter of vouchers, I’d like to see an honest test of the concept with the proper controls and assessment included. The bill that passed the House and stalled in the Senate didn’t have a whole lot of "honest", "controls" or "assessment" in it so maybe while Congress is on their break they can work on that.