Vouchers Rack Up Strike Seven

It’s been a long time since there’s been any news about the voucher program imposed on the District of Columbia by their national nannies (aka Congress), now finishing its third year.

This week, however, the Department of Education released a study showing that students using vouchers “performed no better on reading and math tests after one year in the program than their peers in public schools”.

I was going to rant more on this story but I’ll leave the analysis in the far more capable hands of Gerald W. Bracey.

New York, Dayton, Washington, D.C., Cleveland, Milwaukee, Florida, and now Washington again. Kids who use publicly or privately funded vouchers to attend private schools don’t do any better in school than matched groups of public school children. You wonder how many at bats these guys are going to get. I guess when the club owners are people like George W. Bush, John Boehner, and James Leininger the answer is “infinite.”

As Bracey notes later in his editorial, when you have a faith-based administration, data and evidence are irrelevant.

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