Waiting for Royal Reforms

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Prince to reveal education ideas

Not the musician (although that might be an interesting listen). No, this is Charles, Prince of Wales.

HRH Charlie hosts an annual summer school for select literature and history teachers at Cambridge University and, I gather, he uses the session to pontificate on education issues.

I can hardly wait for the podcast of that speech. :-)

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2 Comments Waiting for Royal Reforms

  1. Qwa Nix

    I think the more approaches we have for education the better. Why not let HRH give his opinion, too??

  2. tim

    I would be the last person to deny Charles the right to speak on any topic. I was cynically questioning the value of what HRH has to say on the subject of public education. Especially since he’s had absolutely no experience in that area, either as a student or teacher.

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