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Waiting for the Weather

When I stand outside the front door, I can almost hear the sound of all the chanting kids (not to mention their teachers) rooting for snow tomorrow.

Actually, the weather talking heads are calling for a messy combination of snow, sleet and freezing rain. But in the DC area, that’s works even better when it comes to getting schools closed.

Considering we have three snow days built into our calendar and we’ve almost finished February without using any of them, we’re more than due.

Besides, I can use another day to finish my sessions for the VSTE conference next week.

Thanks, Mother Nature.

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  1. Jenny

    Don’t jinx it! Are you wearing your pajamas inside out? (Sadly, I can’t think of any of the other things we teachers typically tell our kids to do.) My fingers are crossed.

  2. Techmuse

    I”m with Jenny—don’t count your chickens before they hatch!

  3. Doug Johnson


    An homage to snow days:


    Good luck! I hope tomorrow finds you in your jammies at 10AM!


  4. Tim

    According to a poll of students and teachers conducted today by our office weather forecaster/science teacher:

    PJ’s on inside out: 57.04%
    Do a Snow Dance: 45.21%
    Flush ice down the toilet: 38.83%
    Throw ice out the front door: 24.05%
    Pray: 13.70%
    Put a spoon under your pillow: 7.53%
    Get all homework/lesson plans done: 3.42%

    Sorry, no one said crossing fingers. :-)

  5. Margo Jantzi

    Best wishes Tim as you prepare for VSTE presentations. I hope to see your there.

    The PJ’s trick worked for us here in Rockingham County Public Schools!


  6. diane


    I just gave you a Thinking Blogger Award because…you make me think!

    See the details on my posting http://tinyurl.com/2b9ukv


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