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Warning: Ego Post Ahead

I don’t do this very often but welcome to a small toot of my own horn. If you subscribe to Technology and Learning, take a look in the May issue (mine arrived Friday) for my short How To on creating your own blog. If you don’t get the magazine in paper form, the web version isn’t available yet but should be soon. I’ll post a link when it does.

This is one of those nice unintended consequences that’s come from my ranting in this space for the past two and half years (almost), along with other stuff I’ve spread on the web. Beats getting long email messages telling me precisely how stupid I am.

Update May 16: Shari at An Old Soul found the link to my article. I swear I couldn’t find it last night. :-) Thanks, Shari.


The Growing Pains of Education Blogging


Getting Rich in Public Education


  1. aschoolyardblogger

    Nice article – it should feel great to see it come to the house in print. Congratulations!

  2. Tim

    Thanks. It’s a very odd feeling to see anything of mine in print since it occurs so infrequently.

  3. Great job! You should toot your own horn more often. Now all we need is an article on guidelines to blogging (how not to get fired do this).

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