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Waste of Electrons?

When discussing blogging, I’ve always maintained that there is no such thing as a bad blog. As long as the writer is passionate about their writing, no topic is too obscure or trivial.

However, I could be wrong.

Tim Lauer points to a new application for Google maps, created by a blogger who pontificates on shoes hanging from phone and power lines. Complete with lots of pictures with relevant flickr tags.

Maybe he’s found some compelling stories hanging there with the shoes. :-)

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  1. Hey Tim,
    After posting about the shoes on the wire map site in the Twin Cities, Joe Luft commented about an article in the NYTimes about shoes on wires… I guess the guy in the Twin Cities was making a point about the shoes on wires and in which neighborhoods they got removed. His plotting of them seems to prove his point that shoes in more affluent neighborhoods got removed more often than shoes in less affluent neighborhoods. Be it shoes on wires, snow removal, abandoned cars, crack houses or any such indicator… Using mapping software to prove your point is now within reach of just about anyone… Now I would like to see a web site on how best to throw the shoes up on the wire… :-)

  2. Tim

    It’s amazing how different people view the world in different ways. Shoes on wires is not one of the poverty indicators I would have come up with.

    Just one more thing I love about the web!

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