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We Aren’t All Pirates

The title of the LA Times editorial gets it exactly right.

Congress, they note, “must bear in mind the balance needed between copyright holders’ interests and the public’s”.

However, the big content industry doesn’t see it that way.

Between the broadcast flag, plugging the “analog hole”, restrictions on satellite radio and television, and other digital controls, they want laws allowing them to lock up the media you buy and keep the key.

But here’s the bottom line to this issue.

Clearly, the industry-backed proposals would do more than just defend copyrighted works from pirates. They also would impinge on devices that have legitimate uses and steer the development of technology, cutting off some innovation. As they weigh the entertainment industry’s pleas, lawmakers shouldn’t assume all consumers are bootleggers and every digital device is a hand grenade aimed at Hollywood.

The vast majority of us don’t want to steal anything.

We only want the ability to use the music and movies we pay for anywhere we want, anytime we want.

Read The Battle for Your Digital Media Devices.

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  1. Ms Cornelius

    Ahoy, I’m a pirate, matey!

    Oh, you meant someone who steals songs or movies? Uh no, never mind!

    The music industry brought this upon themselves by putting out dreadful albums with only one or two good songs on them, or my favorite new monstrosity, repackaging material already out there with a couple of new songs.


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