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We Don’t Need Internet People

One of the many “campaign consultants” in DC has some advice for candidates: Don’t hire an internet person.

However, he’s not telling them to ignore the web.

“No, don’t hire an Internet guy,” I say. “You need to make your senior leaders, campaigners & organizers responsible for the Internet just as they’re responsible for everything else. The Internet is the biggest, greatest opportunity you have–so why would you outsource it to some Internet person you’ll just stick in a closet anyways?”

That makes a lot of sense. The internet has become so important to the business of politics that everyone involved must learn how to use it as integral part of their jobs and not just leave it up to a specialist.

So, what about education?

Do we believe the internet should also be a integral part of teaching and learning?

If so, shouldn’t we require every educator to learn how to use these communications tools and make them a fundamental part of their instruction?

As opposed to the situation in most American schools where the web is a classroom option and technology is usually left up to a specialist with that term in their title.

[Thanks to David for the link.]

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