A Seattle music teacher has been dismissed because she led her kids in singing about peace. Or rather the kids sang against war, which many of us would see as the same thing but her administration didn’t.

The last line [We don’t want war anymore — we are the children of the world.] was the one that caused the teacher to leave her schoolchildren, and what’s ironic is this – the line didn’t come from Mary. She often had the kids suggest song lines in class to foster group creativity and involvement. During one session, a 7-year-old student raised his hand and said: "Well, I don’t want war."

So what does the district have to say?

The school district has a policy that, in a ultrabroad way, speaks to the issue: "The teacher, as facilitator, should treat controversial issues in an objective manner, pointing out alternative points of view, and ensuring that the major aspects of an issue are honestly and respectfully presented."

There is nothing objective about war! I would hope her student is right and none of us wants war anymore but sadly I know it’s not the case and not just among "our enemies".