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We Have Some Follow Up Questions

The school board of Dover, Pennsylvania decreed a few weeks ago that their high school students should learn about the "theory" of Intelligent Design right along side of evolution in biology class. ID, of course, is the pseudo-scientific concept which says that nature is so complex, it must have been designed by an intelligent being rather than evolving over time.

To their credit, most of the Dover science teachers refused to present the ID material to the kids. As a result, district administrators were forced to go into the classrooms this week to read this dreck to the students. What followed those recitations, however, was almost as bad as what was in them.

Biology teacher Jennifer Miller said although she was able to make a smooth transition to her evolution lesson after the statement was read, some students were upset that administrators would not entertain any questions about intelligent design.

"They were told that if you have any questions, to take it home," Miller said.

If you’re going to present the "theory" of ID to students in the classroom, then have the guts to stand and answer their questions. I’m sure the queries would be both interesting and very telling. If nature is designed by an "intelligence", who or what is that intelligence? Where did he/she/it come from? Who created the intelligence? As soon as you start discussing those questions, however, you have crossed the line from science into philosophy and religion. There’s certainly a place for both in high school, but not mushed together in a science class.


  1. Jeff

    I always believed in teaching both and letting the kids figure it out for themselves. I also believe in answering any and every question.

  2. Joe Thomas

    Intelligent design, like ethnic cleansing and No Child Left Behind simply camouflage the true meaning behind the effort. People that use labels like these embrace the old adage that the ends justifies the means. They call themselves “pro-life”, yet why do they support the death penalty? They want prayer in schools, but only if it is their religion. If the public doesn’t want school vouchers, let’s try opportunity scholarships.
    How long will we let them do this? When do we wake up and see them for what they are? Remember, they hate us for our freedom… right?

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