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Weekend Clean Up

I finally got around to pulling down the previous version of this blog which used Movable Type. Back in May I switched to a relatively new blog publishing system called WordPress but left the old stuff up there so the search engines wouldn’t pull up lots of 404 pages for people. However, lately the old pages have been getting sprayed with so much spam that I figured it was time to kill them. I’ve been very happy with WordPress so I’m not likely to go back to MT, especially with what they are charging these days.

I also did some cleaning on the links at the right, deleting a few who seem to have given up on blogging (that’s the nature of change on the web!) and adding some interesting new ones. Take a look at Class is in Session written by a special ed teacher in Texas starting her first year this month. Another is the blog by Dave Shearon, a former school board member, with some very pointed opinions on teaching and learning. Finally, pay a visit to 2 Cents Worth written a colleague in the same overly large school system and former music teacher.


  1. Dave Shearon

    Hmmm… “pointed opinions?” I guess so. Glad you weren’t talking about my head! Thanks for the note. I enjoy your site.

  2. Tim

    My comments were indended only as a compliment. :-)

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