Weekend Clearance

Odds and ends that have been cluttering up my desktop and my head.

  • Who says geeks don’t have a sense of humor? Or maybe that’s a sense of the macabre.
  • A friend alerted me to an important study I missed last month. It seems some researchers have found that email (along with the other persistent forms of communication) are a greater threat to IQ than marijuana. I’ve never used drugs so these findings could explain a whole lot.
  • While looking for another program this week I stumbled across Dennis Miller’s cable show and stayed for about ten minutes. Didn’t he used to be funny? It doesn’t have anything to do with his politics – he’s just not funny. From the audience reaction, I swear they must pay them to be there.
  • The "runaway bride" story that has dominated the cable talking heads networks for the past few weeks is just one more example of how almost all journalism is now tabloid journalism. Most sources, especially television, won’t spend more than 30 seconds on a story – no matter how important or interesting – unless it can be sensationalized.