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Weekend Clearance

A few thoughts bouncing around my weird little mind tonight…

Daylight Savings Time – We keep bringing this concept back year after year despite the fact that it’s one of the dumbest ideas humans have ever created (even Ben Franklin was kidding when he proposed it). DST is so bizarre, I find myself actually agreeing with someone at the National Review. That really tells you something’s wrong!

Enough With Scooter! – I have no idea if the guy is guilty of anything, but stop calling him "Scooter". Scooter is the name of the next door neighbor in a bad sitcom. Libby was the right hand minion of Dr. Evil. Leave the nickname to family members and close friends at private gatherings.

Rocky and Rambo – Sylvester Stallone is making one more sequel to each of those increasingly lame movie franchises. Two more films that some studio will waste lots of money on and which I will be ignoring in the future. Maybe if he made "Rocky vs. Rambo" more people would care.

Marine Corps Marathon – This one is very DC-area oriented. To area planning folks: If you’re cooking up a huge event that closes down dozens of roads for most of the day – including two of four major bridges in and out of the city – the least you can do is be specific about which roads and when! Just saying "some congestion may occur" ain’t enough.

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  1. Chris C.

    I love daylight savings time. I want it all year round. Many schools would have to start an hour later so kids were not waiting for the bus in the dark, but that should probably be happening anyway…

  2. Tim

    I’d love it if we had DST year round. Then it would become standard time and we wouldn’t have the turn-forward, turn-back nonscence we have now. :-)

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