Is it a music player, similar to the devices that play CDs and tapes?

Or is it the actual “audio recording media”, similar to the CDs and tapes themselves?

That’s the existential discussion going on right now in Canada.

On one side is the Canadian Private Copying Collective, an association of composers and artists, who would like that nation’s copyright board to choose the later.

If the board does decide mp3 players are media, they could then be subject to an additional fee (the CPCC wants up to $75 depending on storage space) like the one placed on recordable CDs now.

Supposedly that fee would go to the artists to compensate them for the copies of their music being illegally made on the media.

Just one more example of how the music industry (Canada, US, it doesn’t matter) takes the perspective “that fans are thieves and that the lock ’em up and sue ’em strategy is the only way to go”.

And that quote came from an intellectual property lawyer who believes “the CCPC’s initiative is a step in the right direction because the other legal alternatives are impractical”.

I guess he doesn’t know how successful the RIAA has been in this country with suing 13-year old girls and grandmothers.

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