Where Have We Heard This Before?

President Obama on Wednesday announced a $250 million public-private effort to increase the number and quality of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) teachers.

It shouldn’t surprise anyone to know that almost all the money is going to major colleges and universities who have pledged to train more than 10,000 new science and math teachers by 2015.

And what then? What happens when (if?) those teachers are hired by schools.

They will likely find a few things missing from this and every other education reform plan announced by the administration.

Things like modern lab equipment, computers, decent salaries, reasonable class sizes, not to mention ongoing training for current teachers.

Along with any proposals to change to anything about the curriculum and how it is delivered (a term that all by itself defines much that is wrong with the way society views teaching and learning).

So, where have we heard this before?

During the last panic proposal to improve math and science education, of course.

How did that work out?

1 Comments Where Have We Heard This Before?

  1. Andrew B. Watt

    If you divided up this money so that every current STEM teacher had a share of it, it would be around $150 a teacher.

    Woo. Hoo.

    If I chipped in, I could buy a Flip camera and ask students to present more in class to video. Maybe that would be good, maybe not.

    But, I’m not a STEM teacher, and no one is proposing to give me $150 for a Flip camera, this week, this month or this year.

    More on this in a recent blog entry of mine.


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