Vanderbilt University has done something extremely radical for a modern college – they’ve eliminated their athletic department. They didn’t drop their teams or athletic scholarships, of course, (can’t piss off the alumni too much!) but the move forces Vanderbilt’s athletes out of the protected environment the athletic department provides at most major universities.

"We need to bring some balance back into the nature of intercollegiate athletics," said Vanderbilt Chancellor Gordon Gee. "There is a culture of absolute separation between athletes and the rest of the student body. An athlete comes on campus and never sees and never engages in the normal life of students, and never sees the experience as a college experience. They are here simply to play sports, and as long as they do that, they are put through the institution. That is not what we are about."

You mean to tell me that colleges aren’t NFL/NBA farm teams? What’s next, athletes doing their own school work?