White House Connections

David Weinberger asks a very good question: Can the White House blog?

Certainly it wouldn’t be the president writing the posts (hopefully he’s working on more important stuff).

But David suggests that it could be a group effort.

Or perhaps you offer a full plate of bloggers. A White House online magazine, so to speak. Lots of voices, opinions, and styles. A Greek chorus for the President, made up of divergent voices. How divergent? For an official White House blog, I would think it’d have to be pretty mainstream, because it’d be speaking for the President’s administration. Even so, knowing that this blogger is an amazing font of facts about telecom policy, and that one is able to put industrial policy into an historical context, and that other one is capable of occasional crackling sarcasm when discussing energy policy, well, that’d be extremely cool.

Way cool!

While the incoming administration may or may not be considering blogging, that doesn’t mean they don’t plan to continue leveraging all the social networking tools they used so well in the campaign.

The Obama transition team now has a director of new media, along with a team responsible for online communications and outreach.

So even if they won’t be writing a blog, at least it appears as if they plan to make the White House part of the online conversation.