This week Adobe released the public beta of Photoshop Express, their new online photo editing, storage, and sharing resource.

The image editing component offers a good selection of the tools that the average person would need and the interface seems pretty responsive. I didn’t try out the image sharing section but it also looks good.

First impression downsides are the lack of tagging ability, no interaction with flickr (Facebook, Photobucket and Picacas are there), and the basic 2gb of storage that comes with a free account is a little skimpy these days.

This is just Adobe’s latest project that uses Flash to create an online productivity tool, although I’m wondering if this will cost them sales of their PS Elements package. It’s certainly not going to hurt the big boy, Photoshop.

By the way, if you haven’t seen Adobe’s Buzzword, their Flash-based word processor, check it out. The interface gives Google and Zoho something to shoot for.

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