I was thumbing through the channels taking in 5 second bits of TV (57 channels? Sorry, Bruce. Try 200 – and still nothing on) when I came across Star Trek: The Next Generation. I was never a huge fan of the series – Deep Space Nine was better – but if I run across the show I’ll stop long enough to see if it’s an interesting episode, mostly Q or Borg episodes.

What caught my eye at this particular stop, however, was an ad for the network carrying the show. Evidently TNN (wasn’t that the Nashville Network once upon a time?) is now going to be called Spike TV. Are they now going to show nothing but James Marsters episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer? The only other Spike that comes to my warped little mind mind is the bulldog from a classic Chuck Jones cartoon (or the cheezy bulldog created by Hanna-Barbara when they worked for MGM’s poor imitation of Warner Brothers animation unit). I gather the name Spike TV was chosen to go with the tag line – "The First Network for Men". Funny, I thought that was ESPN.

Now that I’ve OD’d on trivia, I’m going to check my email and go to bed.