Following on the heels of the revelation that Armstrong Williams was paid by the Department of Education to promote No Child Left Behind is another "journalist" getting government money to shill for W’s $300 million Healthy Marriage initiative ("real" marriage, not that fake stuff :-). In addition to the $21,500 "contract" with the Department of Health and Human Services, she also received an additional $20,000 from W and friends to write a "report" released by a private foundation supporting the concept.

There’s no surprise in the fact that someone else with access to the media was being paid to push one of the administration’s pet projects. It’s interesting, however, that the administration seems to be paying their writers based on a sliding scale: the larger the project the more they pay someone outside the government to sell it.

On a side note, I’d like to know why this story is in the Style section of the Post and not in one of the news sections.