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Winter Break!! (almost)

We still have three more days this week before the Christmas break* starts and you can almost feel the schools getting ready to burst. I’m not sure why our overly large system insists on keeping the classes going so close to the holidays since many students will just skip school (plus a few teachers) and very little of an academic nature will occur anyway.

Actually, the teachers are probably more ready for the break than the kids are. Ms. Frizzle earlier this week posted a very nice note to first year teachers noting that the feeling of struggle and disillusionment they’re experiencing this time of year is normal. And she’s exactly right that the phases first year teachers experience probably applies to a lesser degree to most experienced teachers as well. I know I’m at a low point right now and more than ready for a break!

*I know we’re supposed to call it Winter break but at this point I am so tired of political correctness! :-)

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  1. Chris Lehmann

    must… survive… until Thursday….

    must… survive… until Thursday….

    I am so jealous of the teachers who have this week off.

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