An article in Fast Company, a business magazine, offers the “hottest job sectors” for the year 2025 1 and the skills our current high school students will need to work in them.

With the healthy measure of skepticism required when reading any forecast based on humans and society, here are “six skill areas that the experts recommend”, as narrowed down by the editors.

Technology and computational thinking, the later of which they define as “the ability to manage the massive amounts of data we process individually each day, spot patterns, and make sense out of all of it”.

Caregiving, directly related to the fact that millions of us baby boomers are going to need a lot of help in our old age. Also, veterinarians will also be high demand.

Social Intelligence and new media literacy, to prepare people for the many sales, marketing, and customer service jobs.

Lifelong learning. Evidentally, the world will need a lot of teachers and trainers by the year 2025.

Adaptability and business acumen. Adaptability has always been a required skill for successful adults. Not so sure about business acumen.

So, how many of these skill sets are at the core of the curriculum in most American high schools?