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You Can’t Say That

The First Amendment guarantees that the US government cannot take away your rights to freely express your opinion.

It doesn’t say anything about AT&T.

AT&T has rolled out new Terms of Service for its DSL service that leave plenty of room for interpretation. From our reading of it, in concert with several others, what we see is a ToS that attempts to give AT&T the right to disconnect its own customers who criticize the company on blogs or in other online settings.

Translation: “conduct” that AT&T “believes” “tends to damage” its name, or the name of its partners, can get you booted off the service. Note the use of “tends to damage”: the language of the contract does not require any proof of any actual damage.

Just one more example of why net neutrality needs to be written into law and not left up to the “marketplace”, where it seems paranoia rules.

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  1. Miguel Guhlin

    Tim, this is great! It’s an easy way to get out of my phone agreement and switch to someone cheaper!



  2. Jose

    This is what so many of us net neutrality supporters feared would start to happen. Big companies chomping at the bit at dissenters’ freedoms.

  3. Tim

    And we’re about to lock ourselves into another two years with AT&T because my wife just has to have an iPhone.

    Am I crazy? (Don’t answer that. :-)

  4. Ann

    I guess I may rethink my need to have the phone….

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