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Your Papers, Please

Look what could be in our future.

Come May 11 this year, Georgia and Maine residents without passports may not be allowed into federal buildings and the lines at Hartsfield-Atlanta airport could stretch to Alabama, according to federal rules designed to morph state driver’s licenses in a national identification card that were released Friday.

Homeland Security head Michael Chertoff said the regulations would make the country safer.

What Chertoff didn’t say is that Real ID will make every current license holder have to re-acquire certified breeder documents and go to the DMV in person — possibly multiple times — to get their Real ID.

Security lines at Hartsfield already look like the twisting ride queues during a holiday weekend at a Disney park.

The potential for the disruptions detailed in this article is one thing. Think about the howls you’ll hear from those people who have to spend hours visiting the DMV.

And where do you get certified copies of those “breeder” documents (birth certificate, marriage license, etc), especially for us old folks?

However, more troubling than all that is the potential for abuse of the information that “homeland security” plans on collecting as part of the Real ID process.

Mix that together with all the data being collected by AT&T and others from traffic on telephone lines and the web.

There, don’t you feel more secure?

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  1. Doug Johnson

    Hi Tim,

    I believe that us old folks (over 50) are exempt from the Read ID requirements. Our profiles do not fit with the standard terrorist suspect.

    I am a little insulted. I think I can be just as good at committing acts of terrorism as a younger person.

    I just need a nap afterward.

    All the best,


  2. Stephanie

    All the more reason to make sure students read 1984, Brave New World, Anthem, and Animal Farm — read and DISCUSS the themes of each book and then discuss current events!


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