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You’re Getting Warmer

According to our scientific president, the jury is still out on the existence of global warming. Or maybe the verdict just hasn’t made it past his built-in news filter.

Arctic temperatures are rising at almost twice the global average and could leap 4-7 Celsius (7-13 Fahrenheit) by 2100, roughly twice the global average projected by U.N. reports. Siberia and Alaska have already warmed by 2-3 Celsius since the 1950s.

The biggest survey to date of the Arctic climate, by 250 scientists, said the accelerating melt could be a foretaste of wider disruptions from a build-up of human emissions of heat-trapping gases in the earth’s atmosphere.

Incredibly enough, the US was one of the countries that funded the research behind these finding. So, now maybe we can participate with the rest of the world to do something about this global problem.

The White House said it would not comment on Monday’s findings and but would await the full report next year. "This is one draft of a report that has yet to be finished," White House spokesman Trent Duffy said.

Maybe not.


  1. Dave Shearon

    Can’t seem to find it now, but I just read about a new study that has found the sun’s output is higher today than at anytime in the last eight thousand years. Maybe it was eleven thousand.

  2. Dave Shearon

    Found it (thanks to Instapundit):

    Also, apparently Mars is warming:

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