The Short Version
Educator. Blogger. Learner. Photographer. Geek.

The Longer Version
My name is Tim Stahmer and I have been blogging in this space for more than twenty years. The entries are mostly about the system we call education but I reserve the right to write on any topic that I find interesting. Which is why the site is called Assorted Stuff. I probably could have called it Constantly Distracted but I didn’t (and the URL was taken).

As far as my professional life is concerned, for eighteen years I taught math to middle and high school students, plus computer literacy and computer science (and a couple of American History sections one year so that part of the degree wouldn’t go to waste).

For the second half of my career, I was an Instructional Technology Specialist working in the Office of Instructional Technology Integration for an overly-large school district on the Virginia side of Washington DC, assisting teachers, administrators, and others at all levels make sense of technology in their instructional practice. And, of course, repairing a few computers and printers (hate printers!) along the way.

Now I’m retired from working for a paycheck, enjoying life, and working on my photography. Related to that I love to travel, especially exploring the streets of cities and towns near and far. I have a separate site that’s just pictures and very little editorializing.

Thank you for reading this page, and anything else on the site that might have attracted your attention. Comments are always welcome.