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Summer is Not My Season

Flag Ponds

Probably the most persistent and pernicious story about teachers is that most of us chose this profession largely because of the paid summer vacation.

First, I’ve never met anyone who was motivated to teach based on the time they spend away from kids. And second, no school in this country pays teachers not to work. None.

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The Myth of History

Ask most people in this country to free associate with “Fourth of July” and they’ll probably respond with stuff like fireworks, bar-b-que, parades, and overly-militaristic displays.

Because, as expressed by the great philosopher David Letterman, Independence Day “is the time of year when Americans indulge in their two favorite pastimes: drinkin’ and blowin’ stuff up.”

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Photo Post – President Heads

Another Presidential Lineup

For the past ten years, we in this area have heard stories and seen photos of a collection of huge concrete presidential busts sitting in a field near Williamsburg. Unfortunately, this Virginia oddity is usually not open to the public, locked away on private land.

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