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Close To Home

Jefferson dome.

A couple of articles in the national news about our overly-large school district.

Which are probably not going over well in the superintendent’s office since, when I worked for them, our guiding principle was to never do anything that would land in a Washington Post story. Much less on TV news.

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Five Suggestions for Your Travel Photography

Independence Reflection

I’m working on a revision to a session on making better photos that I’ve presented several times in the past two years, this time specifically around the pictures taken when you travel.

This post certainly isn’t everything I discuss in two hours, but simply five fundamental ideas that should help anyone make better images, no matter where you go or what camera you carry.

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AI Will Be Boring

Lego Robot

One of the holy grails of artificial intelligence has always been development of stand-alone tutoring systems. Bots that will help students learn without any of that pesky human interaction.

However, an IBM scientist who spent years trying to build one using the company’s high-profile Watson AI tool, says “we’ll have flying cars before we will have AI tutors.”

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