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Testing Live Conferences

Jumping for Joy

Last summer I posted some rambling thoughts in this space on the future of in-person edtech conferences.

Asking questions like: after nearly two years of remote professional development activities, will educators want to return to face-to-face meetings involving hundreds of participants in a confined space? Will they and their schools want to spend the money to make it happen?

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Photo Post – Arizona Trip


Earlier this month, we took our first real vacation in more than two years, a ten-day trip to central and southern Arizona to visit family and friends. Although we had a few delays on the way out, we managed to miss the really big travel issues that have been all over the news.

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Transparency is Already There

For most of this year, we heard lots about how “parent rights” were being trampled by schools that were trying to keep hidden the many nefarious things happening in classrooms. The high-volume screaming for “transparency” was the disingenuous center of the recent elections in Virginia.

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