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Missing the Point

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How much homework should students be required to do every night?

In his column this week, Jay Mathews is outraged at the commonly-repeated number of 2.7 hours. He claims the amount is currently more like an hour a night, after “an inadequate average of five hours of class a day”.

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Lack of Appreciation is Not the Problem


Last week was Teacher Appreciation Week. But, let’s be honest, most educators don’t feel particularly valued for their work. 

Some free food, a few small gifts, and lots of mentions on social media once a year doesn’t make up for the fact that teacher pay has actually declined over the past few decades, with most receiving “about $2,000 less than 10 years ago when adjusting for inflation”.

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The Best… Sorta

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Back in February, Technology & Learning magazine, an industry title that has been around in paper format for decades, published it’s “Best of the Year” issue for 2021.1 The annual awards are supposed to recognize “educational technology that exceptionally supported teachers and students last year”.

Except look closer and it’s clear these awards have very little to do with learning.

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