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The Future of EdTech Conferences


Back when I was still working for the overly-large school district, I routinely attended several edtech conferences every year. That included the one produced by our state organization VSTE1, usually the huge ISTE event, and always EduCon.

But those three were the very small tip of a very large iceberg. If I had an unlimited budget, and didn’t have to do an actual job, I could have traveled to a couple hundred conferences. And far more if you included every K12 education-related meeting held in just the US.

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Normal Begins Soon. Sorta.

IMG 2030

Four weeks from today, school will open for the new year here in the overly-large school district. The superintendent and school board have declared that all students will be attending in-person, five days a week. Just business as usual, right?

Well, given the pandemic isn’t over and cases are even rising, that IS a lot of optimism.

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