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BYOD and the Digital Divide

In a thoughtful comment on my full-throated support of bring your own device (BYOD) programs, Sue brings up an important concern: how do we deal with the divide between students whose families can afford to buy the technology and those who can’t? I believe Gary’s concern (and mine that I shared in the comments) is […]

Blame the Smartphone, Again.

Say what you want about the writings of Post education columnist Jay Mathews (and over the years I have), he does manage to stumble across some insight occasionally. Even if he’s trying to make roughly the opposite point. His most recent example is his column from yesterday’s paper. A high school teacher here in Fairfax […]

Chipping Away at the IT Barriers

A few months ago I ranted about how our IT department is adamant about not wanting Chromebooks to be used in our schools. If a technology is not blessed by Microsoft, they really don’t want to talk about it. Now, however, things may be changing – a little – whether IT likes it or not. […]

Lacking Leadership

Here in the overly large school district we are having a big argument over the use of Chromebooks. But the merits of that particular device is a discussion for another post. This particular rant concerns the huge leadership vacuum we have around here when it comes to the larger issue of instructional technology. The Chromebook conflict involves our […]

Words Are Far More Important Than Word

BYOD rolls on here in the overly-large school district. Now in our second year, the progress is not as fast as the very-impatient me would like but at least the direction is forward, so I remain optimistic. While our middle schools and even some elementary schools are doing some great work with integrating student devices, […]

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