Can The Free Continue?

Jim has an entry pointing to yet another list of the best web applications, 100 of them divided into ten categories.

Webware, yet another piece of CNet, evidently selected them based on almost two million votes from “webware readers and internet users across the globe. [Webware readers?]

Anyway, it’s interesting (but probably not surprising) that Google products are listed in eight out of the ten, missing out only in audio and “utility and security”.

They’ll probably fix that oversight in time for the 2009 list.

In looking over the list it’s also amazing how many of these products have become essential for large numbers of us in such a short time.

Then there’s the fact that most of them are also free, at least at a basic level.

I’ve read Chris Anderson’s Wired cover story Free! Why $0.00 Is The Future of Business and I still don’t understand how not charging for high quality applications is sustainable.