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How much is your state willing to spend to get those test scores above the bar set by NCLB? The amount is at least $39 million in South Dakota.

Providing laptop computers to high school students could be one way to address the problem of falling standardized test scores, according to Gov. Mike Rounds, who proposes a cost-share program with schools to provide 39,000 laptops.

The Governor continues with a lot of general talk about the technology and very little about education. I’d bet his plan is also missing money for development of curriculums that that truly integrate the use of technology. Oh, and has anyone thought about teacher training? Probably not.

Placing laptops in the hands of students has the potential to improve teaching and learning in many, many ways. However, these programs are an awfully expensive way to simply motivate kids to come to school and memorize enough crap to pass their standardized tests.

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  1. jim forde

    Hey there!

    I think that lap top programs have great potential. I am not sure that they are currently performing the way they expected them to.

    See…this article for more on what Maine has learned after two year of deploying their program.

    Jim :-)

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