The Utah legislature is telling W exactly what he can do with No Child Left Behind.

In a stinging rebuke of President Bush’s signature education law, the Republican-dominated Utah Legislature on Tuesday passed a bill that orders state officials to ignore provisions of the federal law that conflict with Utah’s education goals or that require state financing.

The bill is the most explicit legislative challenge to the federal law by a state, and its passage marked the collapse of a 15-month lobbying effort against it by the Bush administration.

You have to remember this is far from liberal country and the bill passed by a huge margin. Just to show you how much they don’t like this law, how often have you heard something like this from a local politician?

"I don’t like to be threatened," said Representative Steven R. Mascaro, a real estate developer from a Salt Lake City suburb. "I wish they’d take the stinking money and go back to Washington."

Ok. Which state is next?