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A Deathly Examination

It’s been a death-by-a-thousand-pecks sort of week so time to relax with some fatal trivia.

Take the Character Assassination Quiz over at Mental Floss. Match up the television character with the method by which the writers killed them off. No prizes other than possible TV geek bragging rights.

I scored 10 out of twelve. Mom would be proud. :-)

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  1. I scored 10 out of 12, too. In my defense, most were not ones I actually knew, but were really just educated guesses…..

  2. I got 7 right–and 3 of those were absolute guesses—so I guess you and Kathy are right–I’m absolutely out of the loop when it comes to popular culture–not just music

  3. I got 12 out of 12, but only watched 4 of the shows – and had way outgrown Seseame Street when Mr. Hooper died.

    The rest I remember from news or logic and guessing.

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