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A Few Naive Questions

I don’t understand American presidential politics.

Why are elections in two small states so damn important that the people there are allowed to determine for the rest of us who are the only two people eligible to be elected President?

Why is so much money and time being spent, both by the candidates and the news media, on this circus?

Why does anyone outside of Iowa and New Hampshire give a rats ass?

Thus endeth the annual rant about politics. I will now return to my blissful ignorance. :-)

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  1. Julie (from Iowa)

    Because people from Iowa ROCK!!

  2. Tim

    I thought you had that corn fed look about you. :-)

  3. Ms Cornelius

    Why? Because otherwise, no one would EVER think about Iowa or New Hampshire.

    I think the importance of these early contests is stupid. And caucuses are moronic. These are the two whitest states in the Union, and in one of them a handful of eligible voters spend hours to decide.

  4. Kathy

    And I thought I was only one who shared those thoughts and comments. Just think, now that the results have been announced, the Republican winner spent less than 500k on his quest and won! So, I guess money can’t buy your vote, but a bass playing minister/governor can. Now if only the Democrats could figure out how to stop wasting money…(my spouse finds my reply hysterical and borderline republican!) And since I live in Oregon, our primary has already been deemed completely irrelevant, so we could save a great deal of money by just cancelling it, but I just don’t see that happening.

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