A Major Disconnect

It’s day 2 of our "leadership" conference and I’m sitting here listening to a few of our administrators doing their annual updates, telling the assembled principals and others all the new things coming this year from their departments.

Why is the head of our IT department telling us about the changes to instructional technology?

This illustrates one huge stumbling block to the authentic integration of technology into teaching and learning. Our "leaders" still have a "gee whiz" view of computers. If it plugs in the wall, it must be something only techies can understand and explain.

My dream is that someday instructional computing will be viewed as part of instruction, not technology. How much longer is that going to take?

4 Comments A Major Disconnect

  1. Amerloc

    A true dilemma for those of us who figure the “tech” tools are just that; they’re not mysterious, magical things that require gurus to explain. They’re tools – like textbooks and blackboards (or whiteboards).

    How much longer? Probably less than a generation, as tech-literate teachers move into those admin jobs.

  2. Ami

    But the real question is, are they still serving a taco salad for lunch at the leadership conference? :-)

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