Jay Mathews and a colleague at the Post are soliciting suggestions for their lists of the ten best education blogs of 2009.

I had the honor of being placed on Uncle Jay’s list of favorites last year, primarily due to my

top10.jpgfrequent rants about the pseudo mathematics behind his “challenge” index, with side trips into criticism of his regular AP and KIPP fan club postings.

So, what might the two of them be looking for in their list of the “best”?

Well, Mathews notes that he has a “weak spot for blogs that target me as the spawn of the devil and consign me to a different circle of hell every week”.

Plus he admits that “people with egos as inflated as mine love the idea of being heckled. In our twisted view of reality, it proves we exist”.

Basically, I guess you need to mention him frequently and feature lots of links to his work. :-)

For the record, however, I have never compared Mathews to Satan in this space. And, as for residing in hell, working for the Post is probably close enough for anyone these days.

Anyway, it’s time for some other edubloggers to receive Mathews blessing. Use the comment section on his post to offer your recommendations. Or, if you don’t want to register with the Post, email him directly.