This space is probably just a few posts away from becoming a fan site for Ken Robinson. But I still want to point to another of his excellent talks on creativity in education.

Edutopia has video excerpts from a presentation he made to the Apple Education Leadership Summit, a gathering of several hundred “education executives” (re: superintendents and school board members), this past April.

I wonder if any of the “executives” from our overly-large school district were in attendance.

Robinson tells the group that we are “engaged globally in … an actual, full-on revolution”.

A revolution is a period in history when things that you take for granted turn out to be untrue. Things that are obvious turn out to be obscure. Things that you think are certain to happen, do not happen.

The things that are shaping this revolution globally, have no historical president. We have no idea how things will turn out.

Anyway, go watch the video for the full impact of his message.

And I still believe Sir Ken should be Secretary of Education. :-)