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Awards 2.0

If you were to select an object to receive an award for great design, what would it be?

Each year, the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum (part of the Smithsonian), attempts to answer that question by pulling together a blue-ribbon panel and presenting the National Design Awards.

This year, however, they are also launching the People’s Design Award in which design non-experts (that would be you and me) can vote their choice.

Current featured nominees are MIT’s $100 laptop and a Katrina cottage. Anyone can submit a nominee and the site allows comments, although it’s not clear if they are moderated.

The museum is only allowing one vote per email address (registration required), but you can change your mind any time before the October 16th deadline.

It should be interesting to see how the “wisdom of crowds” differs in this matter from that of the experts.

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  1. Doug Johnson

    I would submit the small arrow on the fuel gauge of modern cars that indicates the side of the car the gas cap is located deserves mention. Very nice for those of us who drive lots of rentals!


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