As a new school year begins, most of us are concerned with students, teaching and learning.

For the people running the system, it’s all about the test.

According to the Post, our school district is among those trying to “regroup” after “reeling” from the recently released state test scores and how they fit into the convoluted mathematics that is the heart of No Child Left Behind.

So now it seems our goal for this year is to better “align” what is being taught with what is being tested. I guess we just haven’t yet mastered the art of teaching to the test.

But it could also be that our state standardized tests aren’t good enough. According to a front page article in the morning Post there is “growing talk of national testing and standards”.

But in between “some experts” calling for a national one-size-fits-all exam program and our local leaders promising to figure out how to improve the kids test taking skills, something is missing.

Any research showing that standardized testing programs actually improve student learning.

Any evidence that what is being tested has even the smallest correlation with the real-life skills students will need when they leave school.

Welcome back to W’s vision of school in the 21st century.

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